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Cereal, Milling products

Cereal, Milling products
Japchae-hotteok  [2015/02/24]
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The Delicious Combination of Japchae and Hotteok


Hotteok can be called a Korean style pancake. It is made from wheat flour with sugar and cinnamon. Thanks to the reasonable price and sweet taste, it has been one of the popular street foods in Korea for a long time. And many different types of hotteok have been created―with red beans, nuts, and so on. Among them, japchae-hotteok is in the spotlight a lot lately. Saongwon―a traditional Korean food company that produces topokki (rice cake in red pepper paste), yachaejeon (Korean pancakes made with vegetables), and hotteok―has recently released a japchae-hotteok product that one can easily enjoy at home. The new product is receiving a positive response from overseas buyers.






Chewy Glutinous Rice Dough Filled with Springy Japchae

Saongwon introduced the new product for the first time at <Foodex 2014>. Many buyers who tried Saongwon’s japchae-hotteok at the expo said it has a great potential because Korean japchae already enjoys popularity overseas for its sweet, savory taste. The new product allows consumers to conveniently have japchae as a snack. Many expo visitors gave the product favorable evaluations for the harmony of the glass noodles and the vegetable filling with the crispy taste of the hotteok skin. Saongwon offers japchae-hotteok in packages of 80g and 400g (five 80g packages). There are also jumbo sizes intended for restaurant use: 1kg and 1.8kg.


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