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Fish, Crustacean

Fish, Crustacean
Pacific Oyster  [2015/01/20]
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Pacific Oyster

O'SOLE Premium Oysters are created with Seaever's techniques from research to distribution and everything in between.

Seaever's controlled farming techniques and lateral planting techniques that originate from the rich heritage of Normandy, France help spawn extravagant oysters.

O'SOLE Premium Oysters contain much more minerals, amino acids, Zinc, and nutrients. O'SOLE Premium Oysters also can be enjoyed 365 days.

From birth to table top, O'SOLE premium oysters are cared meticulously to maintain the highest standard throughout each stage and process of Seaever's craft and mastery.

The high and low tides of carefully selected Korean mudflats cater fresh and rich nutrients while Korea's harsh winters and scorching summers create rich texture and overwhelming taste.

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