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Viva loty Miso-n  [2014/10/30]
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Viva loty Miso-n

(1) Liver cirrhosis  medicine : Viva  Loty


 q Target Diseases






Target Disease


Improvement rate


Group 1


Group with High effectiveness


Alcoholic cirrhosis, Drug addiction cirrhosis Fatty liver,


over 80%


Group 2


Group with good effectiveness


Viral cirrhosis , Hyperlipidemia


about 50%


※ Improvement rate: Possibility for a patient to get improved from the previous level of disease


The group with the best curative response is patients with Alcohlic Liver disease(Alcoholic cirrhosis, Fatty liver, Alcohol addiction), which showed improvement reate of over 80%


The group with viral cirrhosis takes a long time to get improved because of the liver fibrosis which has been in progress for multiple years.


 q Effectiveness of Lead Compound


 MISO_N possesses 4 types of candidate substances which are highly effective for liver disease, and the combination of them can lead to development of multiple liver medicines.




                  • Fatty liver

                  • Hepatocirrhosis

                  • Hepatitis B

                  • Hepatitis C

                  • Hyperlipidemia



                  • Dark face color from liver problems turns bright after 1 month intake

                  • Recovery of liver in fibrosis progress

                  • Doubled seroconversion rate

                  • Low liver somatic index


Blood Cleansing


                  • Chronic Fatigue

                  • Sexual Performance

                  • Varicose Veins

                  • Blood Circulation



                  • Enhance blood flow from blood cleansing

                  • Body temperature recovery with smooth blood circulation

                  • Male sexual performance improvement

                  • Fatigue relieving and increased concentration


Immune System Balancing


                  • Rhinitis

                  • Rheumarthritis

                  • Sinus infection

                  • Asthma , Lupus



                  • Enhanced immune system from improved lymphocyte function

                  • Relieving body inflammation

                  • Relieving autoimmune reactions

                           • Strong diuretic effect (help urination for renal failure, severe diabetes)




                  • Hangover

                  • Coprostasis

                  • Gastritis

                  • Enteritis

                  • Digestive Function


• Less get drunk when drinking more than average amount of alcohol

• almost no hangover the next day after drinking • Highly effective for gastritis, gastric ulcer,(ulcerative) colitis, Crohn's disease • promote the stomach and intestines function, recovering constipation, diarrhea, loose feces • Increased amount of feces after cleansing intestines and removal of fecal impaction

Skin Enhancing


                  • Atopy

                  • Acne

                  • Shingles

                  • inflammatory skin

                  • housewife's eczema



                           • Make skin tender and improve elasticity


• Effective for serious atopy and acne

• Decrease skin inflammations and eczema

• Decrease Itching of the body, dead skin cells, bacterial diseases

Antiviral Effect


                  • influenza

                  • HPV

                  • Hepatitis/herpes zoster



                  • Quickly suppress the virus in the blood

                  • Help recovery of influenza

                           • Prevention of cervical cancer by suppression of hepatitis HBV-DNA, HCV-RNA


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