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Kimchi-lactobacillus Blend  [2014/12/16]
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Kimchi-lactobacillus Blend

Product name: kimchi-lactobacillus blend/ Health-functional-food probiotics

Function and use

Yogurt lactobacillus is cultured on milk or saccharide, but kimchi-lactobacillus is a vegetable lactobacillus which is cultured on the ground kimchi. It can facilitate smooth bowel movement, it matches the efficiency of an anti-constipation medicine, and it is unsurpassed by any other brands. There are other effects such as boost of immunity, lowering of cholesterol, anticarcinogenicity, and anti-viral effects.

Product introduction

Kimchi-lactobacillus is powerful because it is a blend of garlic, pepper, ginger, green onions, and salt. It is often called "natural anti-biotics". It is based on the fact that no one has ever gotten a stomach problem from eating kimchi.

"Coated Kimchi-lactobacillus" is made through a process that applies polysaccharide and casein protein onto Kimchi-lactobacillus. It is designed to survive the stomach acid which gets rid of bad organism and harmful bacteria. It is a total package of tradition, knowledge, and biotechnology.

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