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Whole Fresh Ginseng Liquid(Octagonal Box)  [2016/06/09]
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Whole Fresh Ginseng Liquid(Octagonal Box)

Whole Fresh Ginseng Liquid(Octagonal box)

Product code : A080016

Content : 120ml x 10 bottles

Main Ingredients
1 root of Fresh ginseng (3-year-old ginseng, country of origin: Korea), Purified water, Liquid fructose, Hydrous citric acid, Synthetic congener (ginseng flavor), DL-malic acid, Synthetic preservative (sodium benzoate), Sodium citrate, Glycine, Nicotinic acid amide, Caramel pigment, Vitamin B2

Dosage : Take one bottle and chew ginseng

Storage : Avoid storing under direct sunlight and keep in a cool place. Once opened, keep refrigerated or quickly eat.

Effect of ginseng

Saponin in ginseng helps relieve physical and mental stress, beneficial for a quick recovery from fatigue and increases resistance to diseases. It also provides excellent effects in preventing cancer, high blood pressure and artery hardening. In addition, it helps increase the blood’s metabolic rate with high effectiveness in treating diabetes and in preventing stroke and cerebral hemorrhage.

Features of product

This product is made of strictly selected ginseng in advance new facility under clean environment. Whole ginseng is in bottle which shape is modeled from Koryo celadon the traditional celadon of Korea. Raw ginseng is a specialized product manufactured for chewing and this is popular for old people. Convenient package with handle
(12 packs inside) and octagonal box(10 packs inside) are good for gift.

Product code
120ml x 10bottle
120ml x 12bottle

(120ml x 10) x 6

(120ml x 12) x 5

Package size(mm)
418 x 358 x 54
305 x 105 x 142
430 x 370 x 480
434 x 316 x 157

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