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Hovenia Dulcis  [2016/06/09]
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Hovenia Dulcis

Hovenia dulcis

Product code : A10008

Content : 70ml x 30 bags

Main Ingredients
Mixed extract of Hovenia dulcis [over 1% dry solid, Hovenia dulcis (country of origin: Korea), Angelica gigas (country of origin: Korea), Steamed Rehmannia glutinosa, Jujube, Artemisia, Ling chiu mushroom] 80%, Purified water, Liquid fructose, Sodium cellulose glycolic acid, Caramel pigment, Citric acid, Grapefruit seed extract, Taurine, Enzyme treated stevia, L-asparagine

Dosage : Drink 70ml one time a day. Children between 6-15: Take the half (1/2) adult dose.

Storage :
Avoid storing under direct sunlight and in high temperature or high humidity and keep in a cool dry place.
Once opened, keep refrigerated (below 5°C) or take it as soon as possible.

Effect of Hovenia dulcis

The extract of the oriental raisin tree is highly effective in dissolving alcohol and facilitating the detoxification of the liver and intestines. It was also found through studies that in particular, it contributes to the inhibition of the remaining of aldehyde that is known to cause hangover. That is why it is certified as a health food based on its effects in improving the functions of the liver. In addition, it also improves the function of the digestive organs, helping people digest foods well and cure jaundice

Features of product

This product contains oriental raisin tree fruit which is effect to neutralize the poison of liver and the after effects of the night's drink and taurine herbs which is good for recovery of fatigue, especially for person who is suffering from chronic fatigue. And this product provides improvement effect of digestion due to lack of exercise or diet. This product is made in portable pouch type for easy intake at anywhere.

Product code
70ml x 30bags

(70ml x 30) x 5

Package size(mm)
350 x 395 x 70
565 x 390 x 300

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