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Sauces, Dressings  [2016/03/12]
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Sauces, Dressings

Sauces for western/Japanese foods (pizza, restaurants, food service, retail)

  • Pizza sauces (base, topping, edge mousse, etc.), chicken sauces (seasoned chicken, fried glutinous sweet chicken, dipping sauces, etc.)
  • Pasta, restaurants, retail (spaghetti sauces . tomato, cream, chili, sauce for skewered food, teriyaki, spicy sauce, hot pepper sauce, soy sauce, pork cutlet sauce, demi-glaze sauce, vinegar, sugar and salt mixture, special sauces for Japanese restaurants, etc.) Sauces for Korean/Chinese foods (Chinese restaurants, food service, retail)
  • Condiments (condiments for meats including Bulgogi and pork, hot pepper paste, soy sauce base)
  • Condiments for eels, stew base (fish stew, seafood stew, ham stew, etc.)
  • Seasoned red pepper sauce, hot pepper paste, red pepper paste, vinegar hot pepper paste, ox bone soup, etc.) Dressings (food service, restaurants, retail)
  • Thousand Island, fruits (pineapple, kiwi, apple, orange, pomegranate, citron, etc.)
  • Cajun dressing, well-being dressing (wine and balsamic, soy and almond, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, etc.)

Snacks/Ramen soup seasoning (Ramen, restaurants, retail)

  • Seasoned cuttlefish powder, shrimp extract powder, ox bone soup flavored powder, noodle soup powder
  • Fried onion powder, Matna base, Kimchi seasoning powder, fried hot pepper paste powder
  • Seasoned mushroom powder, tomato seasoning powder, pork powder, spicy meat soup base
  • Seasoned base, Kimchi stew powder, charcoaled rib, Bulgogi base
  • Powdered Jjajang, powdered soybean paste, stew and casserole base, meat flavored powder

Premix (restaurants, retail)

  • Chicken seasoning, batter mix, bread mix, predust, nuggets
  • Pork cutlet batter mix, snack pre-mix, etc. Herbs/Flavored Oil/Extracts, Functional Raw Materials Ramen, processed meat, syrup (Ramen, restaurants)
  • Roast oil, Kimchi oil, Jjajang oil, seasoning oil
  • Spicy meat oily soup, cuttlefish extract, seafood stew extract
  • Beef seasoning extract, fried sweet potato syrup, syrups, etc.

Functional raw materials (specific raw materials including fermentation, extraction)

  • Fermented peptide, fermented red ginseng extract, etc.

Wonil customizes the products required by clients.
A variety of sizes suitable for restaurants(3g-bulk package)/ a variety of package type(Portion, Pack, Tube, Carton, Pouch, Bottle, paper pack, etc.)

Small package for one person
3g-100g: Small quantity package.
(square/round cup, vinyl, aluminum)
100g: small package
Pouch for instant food shelf
(vinyl, aluminum, zipper bag)
Small-bulk quantity bottle package
Bulk package for retail or
restaurants (glass, PET)
Pouch/Capped Pouch for Restaurants
500g-3kg major size for restaurants
(vinyl, PE, etc.)
Bulk package for manufacturers
Unit of kg: 5, 10 or 20kg, etc.
Major specification of manufacturers
(vinyl, paper bag, PET, etc.)
Special/deluxe package customized
for clients Customized specific/deluxe package
including special manufacturing or
manual packing

Wonil leads the food service industry of Korea by differentiated menu consulting for each client based on the best R&D techniques in Korea for sauces, toppings and seasonings, determining the tastes of chicken.

Wonil differentiates the unique taste of clients by creating all food by art for clients in Western, Korean, Chinese, Japanese or Fusion restaurants, burger or sandwich fast food dining restaurants.

Consulting for exclusive products suitable for cafes including peeling agents, sauces and dressings for bakery and beverage base for cafes and bakeries

Customized and optimized consulting for any products required by clients including instant cook corners in retailers, food service, Ramen, custom OEM for big enterprises and specific raw materials

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