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Yadllie Chicken  [2016/05/18]
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Yadllie Chicken

Brand Story

Brand Name
'Yadl' is a name meaning soft and 'chandelier' luxury hotel decoration and refers to a luxury manual chicken speciality store having a concept of 'Loving Soft and Luxury'.

  • Chicken : Fresh 35day-old chicken
  • Fresh : Fresh taste with natural ingredients
  • Dry Powder : Crisply and tender taste with breading powder
  • Spring Onion : Taste good with piquant spring onion
  • Garlic : Savory taste with garlic
  • Chill : Appetizing Yaddlie chicken with swicy sauce

Competitiveness Points

  • Selection of the owner with the positive mind willing to implement our policies in full.
  • FOcus on stability than speed.
  • Company with solid structure and internal stability.

Core competency

  • Poven track of records of high profit by restaurant management oriented chicken cafe.
  • Sotre operations to the highest possible efficiency in small groups by simplifying recipes.
  • Speed Cooking of approx.
    8 chickens / 10mins by 1st & 2nd Cooking system.

4 principles of taste

SWAG (Soy Sauce, Without Dress, A pressure Fryer, Great Taste)
SWAG represents the characterful, fabulous and unconventional philosophy of Yaddlie Chicken that is different from the others.

Soy Sauce

It is a high class wellbeing manufal chicken with unique taste of Yaddlie Chicken made of craftsmanship by curing dressing mixed with various ingredients including soy sauce and 17 natural materials with domestic fresh chicken for 48 hours or more as like curing ribs so that the dressing could be soaked into the chicken.

Yadllie uses a special salt pond immersion method to keep the taste of the meat exquisitely and achieve the synergy effect of taste.

The curing method applied to Yadllie Chicken is patented - in other words, it secures the safety of the materials as well as the rich flavor of the chicken, the healthy food that everyone across age and sex can enjoy safely.

Without Dress

It provides aromatic and healthy nude chicken by coating well cured chicken with thic dry powder
Since the dry powder does not allow soaking of oil comparing to the wet powder, it doest not make taste of chicken light but also ensures health.

A Pressure Fryer

  • It adopts twice frying method using a pressure fryer.
  • The first, frying cooking step is to boil 70% chicken using pressure, so it makes to fry more chewy.
  • The second, boils rest 30% of chicken cooked at first with open frying machine.
  • So, use of a pressure fryer ensures high turning rate and maximizes revenue increase.

Great Taste

It is a long time cured chicken with special salting method, it gives deeper and plentiful taste with any kind of toping.

Original Chicken

  • Yadllie Chicken : Origianl chicken with various vegetables and dressings cured for 48 hours or more
  • Yadllie Dressing : Yaddlie Dressing Chicken to capture our taste with spicy and sweet taste Yadllie
  • Yadllie Garlic : A special menu to allow enjoying more aromatic and fragrant taste mixed with aromatic taste of chicken and piquant taste of garlic
  • Yadllie Scallion Chicken : A memu of cleaner and savory taste of chicken mixed with aromatic taste of chicken and piquant taste of scallion

Bonless Chicken

  • Boneless Chicken : Now enjoy boneless chicken with various vegetables and dressings cured for 48 hours or more!
  • Boneless Dressing : Fancy meeting of spicy and sweet sauce and bonelss chicken
  • Boneless Garlic : Garlic Chicken to allow enjoying more aromatic and fragrant taste with boneless chicken and piquant garlic
  • Boneless Scallion Chicken : A menu to allow enjoying more aromatic and fragrant taste with boneless chicken and crispy scallion

Roast Chicken

  • Yadllie Roast : A menu to allow enjoying clean taste of Yadllie by roasting cured chicken in the oven rather than frying.
  • Boneless Roast : Yadllie Boneless roasted in the oven
  • Yadllie Barbecue : A barbecue roasted in the oven with special sauce of Yadllie
  • Boneless Barbecue : A menu to allow enjoying clean and light taste with boneless chicken
  • Roasted Chicken with Untrition Rice : Yadllie's own ambitious food item which is roasted whole chicken included nut and rice inside with special marinating method through the oven

Special Soy Chicken

  • Yadllie Soy Sauce Chicken : A menu to allow enjoying chicken with deep and plentiful soy sauce.

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