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Kalbi Marinade  [2016/05/31]
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Kalbi Marinade

Product Name : Kalbi marinade

Product Category : Sauces(pasteurized product)

No synthetic preservatives, synthetic sweeteners

Use : Grilled Beef Ribs, Braised Short Ribs, port bulgogi, pork ribs, marinade etc.

Ingredients and contents : Soy sauce[defatted soybean(incomed) 20.6%, wheat(incomed), water, salt fructose], Corn syrup, Fructose, Water, Onion(Korea), Frozen garlic(China), Sugar, pear Puree(Korea), Concentrated apply, Ginger(Korea), L-glutamate(flavor enhancer), Caramel, Salt(Korea), Guargum, Plum extract, Black pepper, Alcohol, Grapefruit seed extract

Net weight : 200g(7.05oz)

Expiry date : listed upper side(1 year)

Storage guidelines : store in roomtemperature

Packaging material : Polyethylene

Manufacturer : Yeudang Foods Solution Co., Ltd.

The completed Grilled Beef & Pork Ribs with a pack marinade simply

  1. Steep beef or Pork 1kg and kalbi marinade 200g for an hour.(Meat 1kg & Sauce 200g)
  2. You may add fruits, onions and garlic according to your preference.
  3. For the steamed ribs(Kalbi Jim), add water suitably after mixing the beef with this marinade.

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