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Residue, & waste, Animal feeding

Residue, & waste, Animal feeding
[Frozen Food / Korea Food]Seafood & Vegetable Pancake  [2015/05/21]
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[Frozen Food / Korea Food]Seafood & Vegetable Pancake


It is made with domestic seafood and green onion as main materials for light meal, side dish for drinking, simple meal and etc. It has been developed to hit to the taste that everyone can enjoy.


  1. Weight : 130g x 2 ea
  2. Ingredients : Wheat flour, Squid, green onion, carrot, onion, garlic,soybean oil,
  3. Expiration date : 12 months
  4. keep condition : keep frozen
  5. Heating treatment : heated and frozen

How to cook

  1. Using a pan : put the frozen pancake on a heated pan. Put cooking oil in the frying pan Heat with a medium fire for about4 minutes.
  2. Using a Microwave : Put the frozen pancake on a flat plate. Uncover with plastic wrap and cook for 4 minutes.

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